Volunteering is not just a word or a term, but a way of life. The most obvious reason people become volunteers is their passion for something they love or because they want to offer by changing the bad texts of this world. After all, volunteering starts from everyone's heart, wants a little madness, passion and gradually diffuses into the environment without barriers and restrictions.

ethelontismosFor all of us here at Equal Society, volunteering is more than just a movement. It has no time limits, no finite places and ways of application, no contemplative and philosophical definitions.

With this in mind, we made this wonderful team of "The Equals". Yes just like that band of the 1970s. Only we are not just four but a large family of volunteers.

At every turn of our Organization, our volunteers have always been present. We thank them and hope that the joy of the offer that is so lacking in this place, from our mentality and culture to reach even more and that "The Equals" multiply so that we can all claim the right to a society of equal opportunities.

Do you also want to become a member of an EQUAL ...society? If yes, then all you have to do is click here.

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