Study with Scholarship

Equal Society, with the program "Study with Scholarship" offers for the 10th year in collaboration with large public and private educational institutions in Greece and abroad, scholarships full-time to young people with social and economic needs.

Specifically for the academic year 2021 – 2022 the program "Study with Scholarship" offers significant scholarships serving its basic goal of "Equal access opportunities" to Education for all. Since the start of the program, 386 scholarships have been awarded, worth more than EUR 4.6 million.

The initiative is implemented in full transparency and compliance with its published rules.

Detailed information on scholarships and application procedures can be found on the website


The "e-gnosis" program is a nationwide action which, consistently since 2012, has enhanced education in new technologies and in foreign languages by offering the opportunity for those who claim their next professional step to acquire knowledge and register them with recognized certification.

To date, thousands of trainees have joined the "e-gnosis" program thus giving goodwill to our program and highlighting the market trend towards each candidate who manages with ease the new information as well as the English language.

More information about departments and certifications can be found on the website.


Our Scholars

People do not always need advice. Sometimes all they need is an opportunity to chase their dream. In 2020, through "Study with Scholarship" we changed more than 360 young people's lives and we keep going.

During this trip we were awarded by the President of the Republic in a unique moment in the old Parliament. Dozens of educational institutions, communication groups and companies trust us, supporting our effort.

However, at the end of the day, Christos, Irini, Eleftheria, Nikos, Pericles, Ian and so many others are our real legacy.
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